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“These bad boys aren’t going to break if stepped on when some fool genius trips on your high-vis guyline.”

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I’ve been using LiteLine LineLocks for years, and they work well and are generally useful for two big reasons: I’m impatient with knot tying, and I’m expedient when setting up my shelters. (Fine. I suck at advanced general knot tying). They’re small, light, and can be left attached to the Dyneema Ironwire I use exclusively on my various tarps and shelters. (Tip: upgrade to Dyneema Ironwire). They’re also somewhat delicate and can be fussy to work with, particularly in the winter if I’m setting up something UL like a MLD Pro Solo cuben tarp, a SMD Gatewood Cape, or if I need to guy out a mountaineering shelter for wind resistance – all in gloves and/or mitts.

The LoopAlien, constructed from 6061-T6 aluminum weighing a mere 2.6 grams per attachment, appears capable of considerably increasing the speed with which I can pitch and adjust my shelters for a modest weight penalty of about .4 oz per 6 attachments vs. LineLocks. It’s a clever design that utilizes a relatively large loop opening within the 1.25″ x 0.9″ attachment itself that then hooks taught to an outer “peg” rather than the LineLock approach of having small plastic teeth grip the line directly.

While yes, I have committed ultralight sacrilege and have increased the weight of my kit perhaps unnecessarily, I’ve come to appreciate a reasonable trade-off particularly when improving my sleep comfort or, as is the case here, increasing the utility of my gear.

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