Canny Designs, LLC is a company that specializes in creating innovative and highly functional products.

With our successful LoopAlien™, LoopAlien UFA, and QuickIT™ – products launched on KickStarter.com, we have developed partnerships with many talented companies. This furthers our reach and allows us to leverage those resources and relationships for you. Whether you need a proof of concept, design advice or a functional prototype, we can help.

Computer aided design (CAD)
Design consultation
KickStarter consultation
Sourcing (raw materials, components, sub assemblies, manufacturing, shipping, etc)

CNC machining
3D printing

Canny Designs Projects:
QuickIT ™

Modular CNC machine brackets (Final)
Internet connected and controlled dog treat dispenser (Functional Prototype)
RC aircraft components (Final)
Mini CNC machine (Final)